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The Luggie's intelligent folding system makes it the world's most compact scooter. Folding and unfolding it is as easy as it looks! It comes with the latest battery technology, utilizing a Lithium Polymer battery, which is the same technology found in modern electric cars.

Easy Fold, Easy Go....



Luggie was designed as a labor of love. It is a lightweight, compact, and easy folding Airline Approved travel scooter that offers you the freedom to venture off to shops, roam the country, or spend a day downtown. With Luggie, you have the freedom to travel. Where will Luggie take you?


On a Plane

On a Plane

Airline Safe and Airline Approved

On a Cruise Ship

On a Cruise Ship

Navigate in Small Spaces

On Road Trips

On Road Trips

Easily Fits In Your Trunk



Ms. Corrigan shares her experience and many adventures as a second time Luggie owner.


Libby shares her experience of how Luggie has changed her life.


The Luggie Elite is the enhanced version of the Luggie Standard. It features an LED display to clearly show the battery status. The Luggie Elite folding scooter can be taken on board trains, planes, buses, cruise ships, trams, and almost anywhere else you can think of! Fold the Luggie Elite with three easy steps: lower the seat, collapse the tiller, and unclip the chassis to fold up. It couldn't be simpler.


Bernice Malkin

"Cannot begin to
explain how special the Luggie made my trip. At the airport I was able to set up the scooter with no problem at all and was able to right up to the door of
the plane. I was able to get to restaurants, a wedding and other parties with no trouble at all. It was the easiest trip I can remember since I became
disabled after a surgery which left me unable to walk on my own. "

Digby Bradley

"As I am unable to
walk very far, I regularly use mobility scooters to get around. 'The Luggie' proved invaluable, so easy to fold and fit into the luggage spaces on every kind of train, as well as for getting around hotels, tourist attractions, in and out of taxis. It is also much lighter than my other scooters for lifting, which means less strain for my wife when helping Me...."

Nick Yackanich

"Before getting my
Luggie, I basically became a shut-in, as my condition prevented me from doing even the most basic things. The Luggie not only looks good, but the fully adjustable and fluid hand controls and auto braking feature make it very easy to operate and navigate in tight spaces. It allows you to simply fold it up and store in thee trunk of any car, truck or SUV. …you have made me a customer for
life! "

Roberta M. Sell

I’ve had my Luggie since 2011 and truly love it.  I use it mostly when I travel or when I have
to walk any distances.  On occasion I have had to contact customer service to assist me with maintenance issues
related to my Luggie and FreeRider has been nothing short of wonderful. I am always happy to share my wonderful Luggie/FreeRider experiences with anyone who asks...."

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