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A Great, Deluxe Crossover mobility scooter. Its distinctive the appearance gives the impression that you are riding in an SUV-like mobility scooter.

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  • Capacity

    Up to 500lbs

    80" Turning Radius

    6.4" Ground Clearance

    Up to 55 Miles Range with [110AH]

    13' Front and rear pneumatic tires

    3 Height Positions

  • Equipment

    Adjustable swivel captain seat

    Delta Steering

    LED Battery Meter

    Full length heavy-duty armrests

    3 Independent breaking systems

    Front and rear lights

    1 front basket, and 2 rear mirrors 

  • Power Features

    Front and Rear Supsenion

    Regenerative Braking System

    79 AGM battery; or 110 AH battery

    24 V8A, 100-240V Offboard charger

    USB Ports on tiller

    Speed adjustment dial

Note: Range varies with weight, terrain, temperature, batterycondition etc. and is subject to manufacturing tolerances. Your battery will require a period of "breaking in" before they will reach their optimum capacity (up to 20 charge, discharge cycles can be expected) before full range is experienced.