Where It All Started

You will not find a scooter manufacturer more passionate about mobility than we are here at FreeRider. Our very first scooter to hit the market, way back in 1995, was born out of love, and we have applied the same love and passion to every single scooter to leave the FreeRider fold since.

FreeRider is a family business, founded by Arthur Wang and his wife, Juyu. A childhood sufferer of Polio, Juyu has always had difficulty walking. A condition that most people may class as a disability has given Juyu the drive and determination to succeed and she has always been aware that to overcome perceptions, she had to work harder than most.

Arthur's love for Juyu makes him as passionate about mobility as she is, and drives him to constantly push forward to achieve ultimate, perfect mobility vehicles. Not only for Juyu but also for you.