Luggie Super Travel Scooter

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The Luggie Super is our third in line model  and like all of our other Luggies before it, it is a lightweight, compact and easy folding mobility travel scooter. It is the ideal scooter for all forms of travel including planes, trains, and automobiles. Its compact size and light weight make the Luggie effortlessly manageable and maneuverable, whether on a crowded street, at the grocery store, or in the hallways of a rider’s home. The Luggie conveniently comes in 8 different models and 5 different colors to date. The Luggie Super travel scooter provides users with a renewed sense of independence and unlimited accessibility to the world around them. 

Max User Weight 360lbs  
Top Speed 4mph
Ground Clearance  2.5"
Seat Width 17"
Scooter Weight 57lbs W/O Battery
Standard Battery  10.5ah Lithium Ion
Wheel Size Front/Back 6"/7"
Turning Radius 41"
Suspension  N/A


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