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Luggie Plus 3 travel scooter has evolved into modern luxury with heavy-duty weight capacity, advanced turning radius, folding features to accommodate gear for any adventure, exclusive comfort features, and dynamic driving abilities.

  • Weight Capacity: 360lbs
  • Turning Radius: 36in
  • Top Speed: 5mph
  • Ground Clearance: 2.5in
  • Seat Width: 17in
  • Scooter Weight [W/O Battery]: 57lbs
  • Front wheels/Rear Wheels: 6in/8in
  • Suspension: Omni
  • 10.5ah or 16.5ah li-on Battery

IATA Regulations 

Travel Tips

Smart Turn is a safety assistance technology. Our intelligent speed control can help you slow the speed automatically while making a turn to avoid tipping over. World's Smallest Turning Radius, moving in and out of the tight spaces has never been easier. The patented Omni-suspension is located at the front twin-wheel. It helps to hold the handlebar on uneven paths easily. It has a longer wheelbase and larger rear wheels, for more stability and support.