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This 4-wheel mobility scooter can maneuver easily in hallways, elevators and other small spaces. With it's advanced design the Ascot 4 can be disassembled into just five parts with no tools necessary. The heaviest piece weighs just 33lbs after disassembly, and it is easy to load in to your trunk. The compact and efficient design is optimized for extended travel, while our smaller battery capacity performs just as well other larger ones.

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  • Capacity

    Up to 325lbs

    50" Turning Radius

    1.4" Ground Clearance

    Up to 15mi Range w/[15AH] Optional

    7.5' Front and 8"rear tires

  • Equipment

    18" seat w/Adjustable height

    Adjustabel Tiller angle

    Full-long padded armrests

  • Power Features

    Regenerative Breaking System

    Standard 12AH Battery

    Regenerative and electromechanical

    24 V2A, 100-240V Offboard charger

    Standard basket

Note:Range varies with weight, terrain, temperature, battery condition etc. and is subject to manufacturing tolerances. Your battery will require a period of "breaking in" before they will reach their optimum capacity (up to 20 charge, discharge cycles can be expected) before full range is experienced.