A Lift For All Foldings and All Luggie

No matter which folding mode you're using, it can lift your Luggie and your Luggie Chair.  

All-inclusive Lift

minimal design and maximum performance

hitch adapter


post & support leg

Arm assembly

mounting arm

power cord


carry belt & hook

Lift flat-fold Luggie

fasten the seatbelt 

hook the D-Ring

hook the rail

More than just a scooter lift 

Lift whatever heavy essentials when you need

ATV tires


power generator

Easy on, easy off

Here's 5 easy steps to get your Lift to works.
 As always, you're never more than a call or email away!


Insert hitch adapter

No need to assembly the adapter


Slide the mounting arm to the hitch adapter

support leg is optional


Place the post onto the mounting arm


Place the arm assembly onto the post and adjust the proper angle of the arm.

Don't forget pull out the lock pin. 


Connect all the cords

Connect the motor cord and power cord to the control box.
Remote is optional. 

Perfect Match

You may lift others heavy essentials without Luggie by your side. 

It helps you to get the power from the docking instead of Luggie. 

Home Docking Station


Powerful Li-ion battery, it helps you ride up to 22 miles also lift more times

16.5ah Li-ion battery


Supercharger to charge your li-ion battery if you are not Luggie owner.




$1,639 or
$58/ mo for 36 months, 15.9% APR. Learn More

Lifting capacity
100 lb 

Powerlifting and manual rotation

Boom Weight
18 lb, it is the heaviest part. 

Post Weight
3.3 lbs

Post length

Highest length (arm to mounting arm)

Number of pieces to (dis)assemble

Reach/Arm Length
23" - 34"

Hitch Class
Class 2 and Class 3


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