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Flat Folding

Fold it like a surfboard, just feel 25lbs to lift and go

Luggie Standard

Standard is 250lbs weight capacity with a needle-type console. An armrest set is an optional option. 

The Luggie Standard offers optional Lithium-Ion Batteries that are a super light-weight choice, re-charge quickly by its Supercharger, and can be extended driving range rated up to 22 miles per charge.

15" contour seat with full long and padded armrest.

Needle battery indicator and wig-wag moving forward and backward.

Secure the top console by the quick-release.

Charging the battery in 90 min by Supercharger.
Up to 22 miles by 16.5ah lithium-ion battery to the entire Luggie lineup.

Fold and lift the scooter easily.

Avaiable color

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royal blue






Starting at $2,459 or $69.99/ mo


Weight Capacity 250 lbs
Turning Radius: 40"
Top Speed: Up to 4mph Ground Clearance: 2.5" at motor; 4.5" at side-deck
Range: Up to 22 miles by 16.5ah li-ion battery; 15 miles by 10.5ah battery; 10 miles by 8.5ah battery

Dimensions & Weight

Overall Width: 18"
Overall Length: 39"
Overall Height: 12" (flat-folding height & without moving seat)
Overall Weight (w/o battery): 50 lbs Battery Weight: 4.5 lbs
Front Tires 1.5"*6 " PU solid tire Rear Tires 1.5"*7" PU solid tire


Seat Type: Contoured Folding
Seat Seat Width: 15"
Hande Type: T-Bar Armrest Type: Full-long and padded armrest
Battery Type: lithium-ion battery Off-board charger: 5A


3-year limited on Chassis
1-year limited on Electronics
1-Year limited on Drivetrain
1-Year limited on Battery