Luggie Plus 
Dangerous Minus

Flat Folding

Fold it like a surfboard, just feel 25 lbs to lift and go
clearance is 12" without removing the seat at all.

Luggie Plus 4

Luggie Plus 4 has evolved into modern luxury with heavy-duty weight capacity, advanced turning radius, folding features to accommodate gear for any adventure, exclusive comfort features, and dynamic driving abilities. 

With a sport chassis and stiffer springs and dampers, the Luggie Plus is built to give you a wonderful riding experience.​​

Super Plus 4 shown

Caribbean Blue is available in Luggie Plus 4 with a rosed golden coil suspension. World's smallest turning radius in a 4-wheel motorized scooter class.

World's smallest turning radius

Moving in and out of tight spaces has never been easier. Turning radius 36" to Luggie Plus 4 which is the smallest in its 4-wheel scooter class. 

Corner with confident

Rosegold cladding on Coil Suspension. ​Luggie Plus 4 gives a nice taste to the scooter appearance recognition. Reduce bumpy feeling, and black wheels complete the rugged look.

Locked hook

We redesign the chassis hook for our Luggie Plus 4, so you will not open the chassis hook accidentally because it doesn't support complete folding. 

Luggie Plus 4 supports flat-fold folding. 

Faction that founction

Richly taste equipped with your Luggie Plus.

•Rose Gold Suspension
•Black Tires
•Metallic Paint

A longer wheelbase, bigger and wider wheels, and a wide track add up to space, stability, and sportiness for Luggie Super Plus.

impressive agility

For smoother riding on uneven paths, we designed a patented coil suspension to the front and enlarger and broader to the rear to help ride comfortably and stable with a true 4-wheel Luggie. World’s smallest turning radius is perfect while hanging indoors.

The world's best compact folding scooter

7,020 cubic when folded, which is 30% smaller than others.

Available color

Super Plus 4 shown

Titanium Silver

Space Gray

Lake Green

Ocean Blue

Golden Oliver

Comparison for Luggie Super


Weight Cap: 360lbs
Suspension: No
Flat Folding : Yes
Top Speed: 4 mph
Turning Radius: 41"
Rear Wheel: 1.5*7

Super Plus 3

Weight Cap: 360lbs
Suspension: Yes (Omni)
Flat Folding : Yes
Top Speed: 5 mph
Turning Radius: 37"
Rear Wheel: 3*8

Super Plus 4

Weight Cap: 360lbs
Suspension: Yes (Coil)
Flat Folding : No
Top Speed: 5 mph
Turning Radius: 36"
Rear Wheel: 3*8

Comparison-Luggie Elite

Luggie Elite Plus 3 & Elite Plus 4 are exclusive models for Go mobility


Weight Cap: 320lbs
Suspension: No
Flat Folding : Yes
Top Speed: 4 mph
Turning Radius: 41"
Rear Wheel: 1.5*7

Elite Plus 3

Weight Cap: 320lbs
Suspension: Yes (Omni)
Flat Folding : Yes
Top Speed: 4 mph
Turning Radius: 37"
Rear Wheel: 3*8

Elite Plus 4

Weight Cap: 320lbs
Suspension: Yes (Coil)
Flat Folding : No
Top Speed: 4 mph
Turning Radius: 36"
Rear Wheel: 3*8

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Luggie Plus Collection?

Luggie Plus is like the Mercedes Benz AMG Series, which blends superior performance to advanced models. Therefore, Luggie Plus is the top line of Luggie.

How many Plus do you have?

Luggie Plus comes in two collections: Plus 3 and Plus 4. 

Luggie Plus 3 is a 3-wheel structure, we use twin-wheel to its front wheel, so it will be more stable than the traditional 3-wheel scooters.

Luggie Plus 4 is a 4-wheel structure, you can also call it a true four-wheel Luggie. Luggie Plus 3 comes with Luggie Elite Plus 3 and Luggie Plus 4.

What's the features of Luggie Plus?

1. Smart Turn
It's patented hands-free speed control. It allows you to slower while you make a turn. The more angle you turn, the less speed it goes. So, it is more safety.

2. Omni-Suspension (Available to Luggie Plus 3 only)
It's a patented suspension to absorb vibration and assist you in controlling the handle, and this will not increase the total scooter weight. It's a compact and lightweight suspension.

3. Coil Suspension (Available to Luggie Plus 4)
The coil type strongly absorbs the vibration from the front two-wheel.

4. Turning Radius
We improve the turning radius from 40" to 37" to Plus 3, to 36" to Plus 4. It is ideal for users in any constrained space. Luggie Plus 4 comes the world's smallest turning radius in its class.

5. Enlarge Rear Tire
We enlarge the rear tire from 7" to 8", it is wider from 1.6" to 3". It gives a comfortable and stable riding experience.

6. New Color Matching
The all-new colors match this collection, such as black tires, rose gold suspension, and new scooter color. 

7. Faster Speed
Thanks to its wider chassis design to Luggie Super, we speed up the setting up to 5 mph to Luggie Super Plus 3 and Luggie Super Plus 4.

How do I fold the Luggie Plus? 

It is the same method as you fold general Luggie. There is no new step to fold. Flat folding is the most practical way to fold your Luggie and lift it into your vehicle's trunk.

Also, Luggie Plus 4 does not support complete folding mode.

Will I damage the chassis hook when folding the Luggie Plus 4 accidentally?

The all-new design chassis hook will be available to Luggie Plus 4, you will not flip the hooks accidentally by it is all-new smooth and unlockable design.

Does Luggie Plus belong to recreational products?

No, we care about your riding safety and product liability. Luggie Plus Collection is categorized as Medical Device, which is listed on FDA.

What is the difference between recreational products and Medical Equipment?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell the difference from its appearance because it must pass the criteria before claiming Medical Equipment. Recreational products lack riding safety because their products are not Medical Equipment. If you have significant concerns about your riding safety, Medical Equipment is the only way to go. 


Starting at $3,789 or
$125/ mo for 36 months, 15.9% APR. Learn More


Weight Capacity
320 lbs Luggie Elite Plus 4
360lbs Luggie Super Plus 4

Turning Radius

Top Speed
Up to 4 mph by Luggie Elite Plus 4
Up to 5 mph by Luggie Super Plus 4

Ground Clearance 
2.5" at motor; 4.5" at side-deck

Up to 22 miles by 16.5ah li-ion battery
15 miles by 10.5ah battery

Dimensions & Weight

Overall Width
18" to Luggie Elite Plus 4;
20" to Luggie Super Plus 4

Overall Length
39" to Luggie Elite Plus 4;
40" to Luggie Super Plus 4

Overall Height
12" by lat-folding height & without moving the seat

Overall Weight (w/o battery)
60 lbs to Luggie Elite Plus 4
70lbs to Luggie Super Plus 4
4.5lbs to Luggie Battery 

Front Tires
1.5"*6 " PU solid tire

Rear Tires
3"*8" PU solid tire

Seat Width
16" to Elite Plus 4;
17" to Super Plus 4


Seat Type
Contoured Folding Seat

Handlebar Type

Coil Suspension

Armrest Type
Full-long and padded armrest

Battery Type
lithium-ion battery

Off-board charger
24V5A/ 100~240V


3-year limited on Chassis
1-year limited on Electronics
1-Year limited on Drivetrain
1-Year limited on Battery

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