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Peace of Mind

Life happens, so we've got you covered from any accidental damage happened.

Request Flow

Services Request

call us or email us to let us know the damaged that happened

Repair or Replace

We'll diagnose the problem and send you the replacement when it is needed.


We'll send the replacement to you when it is needed. 

In-Store Service

Carry scooter In-Store, we'll pay the labor cost for repair or replace the defective parts.

Back to Normal

Just pick up your scooter, we'll pay the labor fees.



In-Facotry Service Center


In-Store Service Center


Genuine Parts


FreeRider’s FreeRiderCare– In-Store Services provide big savings for getting your FR Terrain going further while incidents happen. 

FreeRiderCare covers the first two years or the first three times labor costs will be complimentary, whichever comes first. Additional fees may be charged by the authorized service center if you request additional services that are not covered.

If you experience an issue, call us and we will help you. Our technician will help you diagnose the problem over the phone. If the technician determines that the issue requires your products be repaired, you’ll get a service number and be asked to bring your FR Terrain to any FreeRider Authorized Services Center that is near you or bring it or send it back to us to have In-Factory Services.*

Then we’ll send you the replacement to your home if you choose In-Store Services. Standard shipping of the replacement will be waived under FreeRiderCare.**

Authorized Service Center will repair and/or replace defective parts for free during the first two years or the first three times. Once your products have been repaired, you will be contacted and asked to make arrangements to pick up your equipment.

FreeRiderCare DOES NOT cover the cost of replacement parts, product maintenance, adjustments, calibrations, product return services, and mileages for in-home services. 

* Customer is responsible for the round-trip freight.
** Express shipping and out of lower 48 states are excluded.