Fly Faster and  Fly Further

Mobility can have a variety of expressions to explore the world. FreeRider USA builds its e-bikes not only come with a bigger power also higher torque in its class. You can fly faster and fly further.

Class 1 eBike

Class 1 E-Bike: It is PEDAL ASSIST ONLY and tops off at 20 mph and no throttle.

What is pedal assist? An e-bike with pedal assist is an e-bike whose drive system is only activated once you start pedaling.

Once you start pedaling you will be able to get up to 20 mph on your ebike. Class 1 ebike riders are given the permission to ride anywhere you would ride any other type of bike due to the low speed and operation. Feel free to ride Class 1 ebikes are allowed on bike lanes, bike paths, and on the road.

FR eBikes 

Luggie is the best folding scooter with variants folding and more...


A mid-drive motor of 250-watt output gives you silky pedaling and a 630Wh battery gives range more than 150 miles. 

Starting at $3,025 or $79/ mp


A city bike appearance but a mountain performance like TAROKO.

Startinga $3,625 or $95/mo