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Front-Wheel Design.
Trailblazing Power.

This new Apollo II offers a competitive range. It delivers super nimble and efficiency – combined with the stability of electric front-wheel drive.

Weight Cap

~470 lbs


~20 miles

Turning Radius


Top Seed

5 mph

Apollo II

Apollo II features a front-wheel-drive solution for traversing various terrain, a greater weight capacity of up to 470lbs

Within a 21” turning radius as its power wheelchair categorized, this is the budget-friendly power chair in the constrained space such as supermarket, living room, even in the room.

Full-length and padded armrests offer you superior comfortable riding experiences and with 3.6" ground clearance good for outdoor.

Up to a 20-mile range per charge can allow you to ride it conveniently.

HCPCS: K0827


Starting at $4,299 or $113/ mo


Weight Capacity
470 lbs

Turning Radius

Top Speed
Up to 5 mph

Ground Clearance

Safety Incline Rating
6 degree

Up to 20 miles by 50ah AGM batteries
12 miles by U1 batteries

Dimensions & Weight

Overall Width

Overall Length

Overall Weight
233 lbs


Drive Wheels
12.5" PU solid tire


Seat Type
Captain Seat

Seat Width

Seat Depth

Seat Belt

Handle Type

Armrest Type
Full-long, heavy-duty padded armrest  (width adjustable)

Battery Type 
AGM battery

Off-board charger
24V5A, 100~240V


5-Year limited on Frame
13-month limited on Electronics
13-month limited on Drivetrain
13-month limited on Battery

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages if I  pre-order?

The pre-order secures your buying price and no more suffering delay. 

Is the pre-order fee refundable?

Yes, the pre-order fee is fully refundable if the cancellation is made before 12/31/21. 

How do I pre-order Apollo II?

Contact FreeRider USA [email protected] or give a call 909-466-7996 or your local dealers. Then you will receive a Confirmation Number for your pre-order

When will I receive my Apollo II?

Deliveries of the Apollo II start in April 2022. Delivery times may vary depending on when your pre-order was placed and when your vehicle has been configured with FreeRider USA before 12/31/21. 

Which incentives does Apollo II qualify for?

Built-in 50Ah batteries at no additioanl cost.